The email that ignited Prairie Nurse

Prairie Nurse is a fictional play based on real-life folks. And one of those real-life folks is Pat Hackett, aka Patsy Hackett - the in-love-with-love candy striper at Arborfield Memorial Hospital. 

Jess Abramovitch as Patsy, Ryan Bondy as Wilf

Jess Abramovitch as Patsy, Ryan Bondy as Wilf

As I was planning the trip to Saskatchewan in 2007, I wanted to get in touch with people who knew my mom back in the late sixties. My mother hadn't been in contact with Arborfield folks for years. I decided to send Letters to the Editor to several of the community newspapers in and around Arborfield Saskatchewan, asking if anyone remembered working with the Filipino Nurses at Arborfield Memorial Hospital in late sixties. I heard nothing for months. And then one day I received an email:

I think perchance your mom is Cion (Concepcion). She was a nurse at the hospital in Arborfield in the 60"s. Actually got married on Sept/69. Two days before me. When Cion and Penny first came to Arborfield, I was a candy striper there. I also worked the summer of '68 as a nurses aide.

Nightshifts were fun with either your mom or Penny. It meant cooking time on our supper break. Either a nice stir fry or a fried rice.

I remember taking Cion up to Carrot River to visit one of the nurses there. 

Penny, the other Philipino [sic], that came when Cion did, works at Saskatoon City Hospital. She has been there since 1968. Shortly after she married Romy. She works same day surgery and has for years. She used to work on the medicine ward that I now work on.

I have a good memory so if you have questions, just ask away. 


Pat Hackett

The  real-life   Pat Hackett and mom, 2007

The real-life  Pat Hackett and mom, 2007