Thoughts for an opening

I am bursting at the seams with love, gratitude and anticipation for tonight's opening of Prairie Nurse a the Blyth Festival.  

Of the trillions of thoughts that are going through my head at any given minute, this one consistently rises to the top - Tagalog is being spoken on stage for the first time at the Blyth Festival. And this, among many things, just hits me straight to the core of my mushy-playwright's heart.

The Blyth Festival exclusively produces Canadian Plays. To hear my parents' native tongue spoken on the festival stage is a a tribute to who they are, their journey and their lasting legacy in the fabric of what being Canadian is all about.

Happy Opening Everyone! Mahal Kita. 


mahal kita.png


Mabuhay - Welcome

Salamat - Thank you

Oo - Yes

Hindi - No

Ano? - What? 

Ay Dios Ko! - Oh my God! 

Sarap - Delicious

*the Tagalog translations in Prairie Nurse courtesy of Caroline Mangosing and Darrel Gamotin